The case of the brutal torture of an inmate has been ignored by the media. One wonders why? Where is the outrage?

The Liberal media and the Western press hates the Taliban and the love the British System of Justice. However no one is outraged at the bloody torture of prisoners and the inhuman treatment meted out to the men and women most of whom are jailed for no reason at all. The innocent victim of biased justice simply have to bear the incarceration.

According to some estimates 60% of the prisoners in Pakistani prisons are innocent of the crimes that they are convicted of. The prisoners are the poor and the destitute who cannot afford attorneys who can get them off with NROs, bribes and intimidation. Ever heard of a rich person’s child go to prison in Pakistan? It doesn’t happen.

Pakistani prisoners have leg irons, and are subjected to the worst atrocities known to man. If one does not know what a leg iron is, it a steel rod about half an inch thick and is clasped to both feet. This keeps the legs of hte prisoner apart so that he has limited motion and literally cannot walk. These leg irons are part of the British legacy.

Anglo Saxon law incarcerates prisons for crimes. hese jails become rape and sodomy centers bringing out the worst beastliness, far removed from any semblance of humanity. The same conditions exists in the USA, UK, Australia and the rest of the world where the prison system exists. The USA has 5% of the world’s population but has the dubious distinction of owning 25% of the world’s prison population.

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